Undergraduate Expansion

Undergraduate Expansion Process

  1. Upon an interest’s communication with the National Executive Board, the respective Regional Expansion Director will provide the potential expansion members the national informational packet and the expansion application requirements.
  2. Once the respective Regional Expansion Director and the National Vice President of Membership are in receipt of the completed application requirements, the respective Regional Expansion Director shall contact the respective Greek council regarding potential expansion opportunities.
  3. After proper procedures are completed, according to college or university regulations and standards, and Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. has been accepted as a recognized establishment at the college or university, the New Member Education Process may begin. Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. does not commence undergraduate or graduate New Member Education Processes illegally and/or without the explicit consent of college or university officials.
  4. Bid Process
    1. The respective Regional Expansion Director shall send all eligible interested members the rushee application. Eligible interested members shall be given fourteen days to complete the application and submit the completed application to the respective Regional Expansion Director.
    2. Upon completion and submission of the rushee application, the respective Regional Expansion Director and the elected Process Mentor shall together interview all rushee applicants individually.
    3. Upon completion of all rushee applicant interviews, the respective Regional Expansion Director and the elected Process Mentor shall elect to deliver bids based on a unanimous decision.

Undergraduate Expansion Application Requirements

  1. Maintain an interest group, not inclusive of Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc.’s letters, of at least five interested members for at least one full semester, during which the following shall be completed:
    1. At least one philanthropy event that deals with domestic violence awareness and prevention.
    2. At least two “Sisterhood” events solely inclusive of the interest group members.
    3. At least five community service hours completed by each interest. If the interest group members complete the hours as a whole, then it may be counted towards one “Sisterhood” event.
    4. At least one fundraising events or at least $200.00 raised and maintained by the interest group by the end of the semester. All the money fundraised shall be the interest group’s to spend during the New Member Education Process or save it to start a bank account if a newly founded colony is established.
    5. Recommended to complete at least one social event with each organization in the prospective expansion council.
  2. Submit a letter of interest explaining:
    1. The interests’ contact information, current GPA, and anticipated schedule/work load for the following semester.
    2. Why the girls have chosen Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc.
    3. The Greek environment of the potential expansion college or university.
    4. The dynamics of the potential expansion council.
    5. The Greek advisor’s contact information.
  3. Submit a one year post-establishment calendar that outlines Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. established colony event requirements:
    1. Ten community service hours per semester per active Sister
    2. Four philanthropy events per semester
    3. Three fundraising events per semester
    4. Two Sisterhood events per semester
    5. Two social mixers/networking events per semester
    6. Two marketing events/campaigns per semester
    7. One alumnae event per semester
  4. At least five active Sisters willing to participate in the New Member Education Process, including attendance to at least one rush event and three New Member Education Process events.
  5. Dedicated funds to support the New Member Education Process. Both the Board of Directors and the National Executive Board shall approve the expansion budget.

Undergraduate Expansion Interest Form

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Sigma Sigma Rho Undergraduate Expansion Interest Form HERE